The world around us is changing every day. And the innovative technologies such as Augmented (AR) and Virtual (VR) Reality are playing a great role in this fast development, bursting into almost all spheres of our lives. 

Today the need for experts in AR an VR is growing every day, very soon the new professions will come to the fore like "architect of virtualities", "designer of virtual worlds", "VR films director" or "AR games producer".

So the big question is: "When should we start teaching our children these innovative skills and professions?"

Digitalization became almost native for the children of the 21st century. A kid is surrounded by gadgets and various technical devices since he is 2+ years old. However, do modern children use the gadgets wisely? Most often a tablet becomes just a means of entertainment and distracts a kid from a proper development trajectory. How to combine the fun part with the useful one starting from an early age?

This is exactly what the Moscow Children's KidSkills Championship is about!

Moscow Children's Championship KidSkills is a great opportunity for early career guidance for children of preschool and primary school age.

The championship started in 2018 where contests were held in 5 competencies. The good news is that the starting year was very successful so that the championsip is growing fast and in 2019 it doubled the list of competencies featuring 10 contests! One of them is the "Technology of designing virtual and augmented reality"! 

The competition period will start in September 2019 and will last till November 2019. So if you are willing to take part in it, please go to the official page of the KIDSKILLS Championship (available in Russian only) where you can find a lot of useful information, sample materials and other important tips on how to register and get ready to become the champion in designing virtual and augmented reality!



28 teams of young participants each team consisting of two kids age 8+ took part in the semi-finals in the innovative competency "Technology for the designing virtual and augmented reality". The contest was held in the Moscow College of Business Technology (KBT) in the beginning of November.

During two hours teams were developing and themed augmented reality application to be later demonstrated on mobile devices. The task was to create an interactive augmented quest showcasing the forest with wild animals living in it. A user's goal in this application was to travel through this forest feeding animals with the appopriate food.

Based on the results of an expert evaluation 20 teams with the best results were selected to the FINALS of the KidSkills Championship that took place at the end of November.


The big finals of the KidSkills Championship took two days and were held on November 26-27 in the Moscow College of Business Technology.

On the first day kids developed an augmented reality application, on the second day the teams continued working with virtual reality technology. That wasn't very easy but the teams were well-prepared and showed amazing creativity and high level of dedication and concentration! 

On December 13 the young winners were awarded. The team from school #1400 landed on the first place, the second place award went to two teams from schools #1018 and #1621, and the third prize was given to three schools: #641, #1367 and #166! 

The winners were awarded with special gifts, diplomas and free EV Toolbox licenses. Nobody left without a sweet gift from EligoVision: before New Year there is always room for surprises!

Congratulations to the winners and we look forward to new KidSkills championships in 2020!

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