EV Toolbox is a multifunctional toolkit for creating augmented and virtual reality projects. These projects can be further demonstrated on various display systems, mobile devices, as well as on head-mounted displays (HMD) and AR glasses.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a programmer to work with EV Toolbox. The toolkit combines an extremely easy-to-learn user-friendly graphical interface together with broad functionality.

It is not just a software. It is a comprehensive, affordable product with ready-made examples and templates of AR and VR projects, a 3D models library, educational materials and prompt technical support.

It is exactly what a rapidly-growing digital market of mobile advertising, education and businesses need today!


EV Toolbox exists in 5 types of licenses:

  • Trial (free standard);
  • Standard Edu (basic educational);
  • Standard (basic commercial);
  • Advanced Edu (advanced educational),
  • Advanced (advanced commercial).

Shall you want to test EV Toolbox for free, do download our TRIAL version that is valid for 30 calendar days.

Trial version is a comprehensive analogue of the basic EV Toolbox Standard educational license. The only exception is that it lacks the possibility of exporting AR and VR applications to selected devices.

To download EV Toolbox Trial you need to register a personal account on the internal EligoVision portal, then log in and download the distributives for the selected operating system.

EV Toolbox Standard

This type of version is designed for users that don’t have programming skills. Usind Standard you can create the logic of the project in “blueprint”, using visually clear and multifunctional connections in between the objects.

Despite the simplicity of the creation process you are not limited in complexity and amplitude of the project. Feel free to develop sophisticated non-linear scenarios featuring not only augmented or virtual parts but also offering handy user interfaces, links and a lot of other useful capabilities.

EV Toolbox Advanced

This type of version is designed for users who do have programming skills. EV Toolbox Advanced allows you to upload scripts written in Lua programming language. Using the scripts you get literally unlimited possibilities to make your project scenarios both complicated and optimized.

To make the learning process easy we have created a detailed developer guide where you can find descriptions of all objects functionalities, as well as examples of ready-made scripts. They are also available on our page on the .

The educational type of license differs from the commercial one only by the developer watermark that is visible in exported AR and VR project. In all other aspect the functionality of both license types is completely identical.

The educational license, however, has one important advantage. Its validity period can be unlimited. You can find out about the types of packages, cost of licenses and discounts for educational organizations purchasing a large number of licenses here. All software updates will be delivered free of charge as long as your license is valid.


  • Operating system: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (or higher) or macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion (or higher);
  • processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher;
  • RAM: 2Gb or more;
  • free disk space: 3Gb or more;
  • video card: with support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher;
  • camera: built-in laptop or external USB camera;
  • internet access: required for software activation.
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